An apolitical analysis essay is one that compares and contrasts two or more views, depending on how they are presented and how they are examined. It can be an essay concerning the strengths of one view over another. It can also be a polemic concerning two or more views. Or it can simply be an essay that compares and contrasts one view with another view. And in either case, an apolitical analysis is meant to bring light and clarity to the discussion.

ap lang rhetorical analysis essay

Essays like these can have two general purposes. First, they may be used as a polemic. A polemic argument is one that argues for one side of an issue by presenting and analyzing the facts and arguments of the opposing sides. Then presenting the opposing view and its strength and weakness can engage a reader’s intellect and stimulate his or her interest and commitment to that view.

Secondly, an apolitical analysis essay might be used as a support for another view. That is, it might present another view along with its own merits and shortcomings. So, for instance, there could be an essay concerning the superiority of economic freedom as a good idea compared to more paternalistic or state-planned programs. The author could argue that the former is preferable because it promotes economic growth and productivity. He or she could then go on to show how the government’s welfare programs encourage people to be entrepreneurs and to create wealth.

This is the core of the argument. The writer has identified what he or she thinks is good and bad, supported that idea with evidence and produced a proper argument to show why it is better. The writer does not want the reader to reach any conclusion about his own ideas before he has presented them properly. That would defeat the whole purpose of having the essay. It would be a waste of time.

The third requirement that a Langistical analysis fulfill for a writer is that it must have good support. That means that it must provide solid reasoning and reasonable arguments. Otherwise, the essay wouldn’t be any good. The writer need only do some background reading to find out the different perspectives on the subject. He or she can then support whatever side he or she takes with facts and sound reasoning.

The fourth requirement is to produce a proper polemic. That is, a good polemic doesn’t merely criticize the views of the opponent, but it also attempts to show why those views are false. The polemic needs to provide a reasonable answer as to why the opposition believes what it does. Otherwise, it is just venting, not persuasive.

Finally, the ap Langistical essay needs to be compelling. That means that it presents its arguments in such a way that it moves the reader toward a definite answer. It must create a sense of urgency. If the polemic argument sounds too simple, it isn’t much of a polemic because it doesn’t create much urgency.

In conclusion, an a Langedical analysis essay needs to address all of these four requirements. However, it is better if the writer doesn’t try to meet all of them. Rather, he or she should try to meet as many of them as possible. This ensures that the essay will be read and understood, and that it has good supporting evidence. Indeed, that is the whole idea after all – to get the reader thinking.

Polemic writers tend to use highly technical terms. They may use complex language. They are experts at their own domain. It is therefore important that a writer familiarizes herself with the topic he is arguing before she begins to write her own polemic.

It is also important for the essay to be timely. The essay needs to be written in the moment. Writing about a highly technical topic that has little to do with today’s world is not the time to write such an essay. There is too much that has been written and too much that has been learned for you to add to your knowledge in this day and age. So it is best to keep your writing grounded in reality and give it some creative writing style.

And most importantly of all, don’t be afraid of being controversial. As J. Wes Watson says in his ground breaking book, “insulting controversy is the best way to sell books.” Be willing to upset the apple cart and give your audience a good hard shove. Writers like J. Wes Watson and AP Langstroth used controversy to bring the books they wrote to the forefront and sell them. And when it comes to writing a successful ap tactical analysis essay, the controversy is the key to success!