schools uniforms essay

A persuasive essay on school uniforms can be written on three different but equally important topics. You must first decide the focus of your essay. Should schools uniforms in public schools be an issue? Are uniforms bad for children? If uniforms are good for children, should we force our children to wear them?

Public schools in many American cities and districts have a problem with students misbehaving and wearing inappropriate clothing on campus. On a recent news show I saw a mom who said that she couldn’t understand why the schools were getting complaints about the way their children were dressed. She said that she always thought that the uniforms were pretty funny when she was growing up. One look at them however makes you realize how ridiculous some people can be. In the same news report an African-American parent was complaining that her children were being disciplined by teachers because they were wearing too many uniforms. The authorities had to suspend three students from school for three days for wearing the wrong clothing.

Public schools uniforms can be very controversial. Some people are very opposed to them, while others support them because they want to discourage students from truancy. There is also a lot of support for the uniforms from the police officers and fire fighters. A very real problem arises though from the children themselves. They may have a difficult time following the rules and regulations because they don’t like the color or the design and they feel like they are being forced.

Should schools get rid of uniforms? This is a hard question to answer. One could say that uniforms reduce discipline, promote better attendance and are cost effective. Uniforms are also easy to match as they come in all the school’s colors and most often the patterns are the same too. The argument for keeping uniforms as a standard rule in schools is that students will be more disciplined and more likely to behave when they know exactly what they are expected to wear.

Another argument is that students will be protected from the possibility of getting sick because they will have a uniform to wear. Many students have allergies and can easily catch a cold if they do not have access to their uniform. Having a uniform can help protect these people.

A school’s uniforms essay usually begins with an overview and some of the pros and cons. Then you can discuss why it is important to keep uniforms as the law requires. You can discuss how uniforms help discipline and how it promotes better attendance. Finally you can show some of the benefits of a no-pants school’s policy.

A school’s uniforms policy should contain a brief history of why uniforms were introduced and implemented in schools. It should also have some information about the current situation. There should be examples of good schools where schools uniforms have been used successfully. You should not go too far in explaining why schools should use uniforms; you just have to give some examples so that the reader can see that schools are making an effort. If there are any problems, you should offer solutions that are practical.

The last part of a school’s uniforms essay is a call for the parents, students, and community to support the policies and to ensure that students follow the rules. This part should include a petition for the schools to reverse years of bad habits. You should also make sure that the essay ends with your personal plea for the schools to keep using uniforms. By including all these elements, you can assure that you have presented your argument in a balanced and logical manner.