The American dream is basically the best of a good life where you get ahead, you can work hard, be successful, and get out from your own comfort zone without getting stuck in poverty. So basically, the American dream is an opportunity to have the financial freedom to do anything you want with your life. And, it’s also the opportunity to share your” American dream” with others. However, there are many ways to formulate and write an essay on the American dream.

american dream essay

Many people don’t know how to write such an essay on the American dream. It’s actually pretty easy if you know what to do. There are many things you can do to improve your essay on the American dream. Here are some of them:

o Understand the American dream. Basically, the American dream is all about the opportunity to achieve your goals. But before you can achieve these goals, you need to identify what it is that you want to achieve. You can research on the various values and beliefs that Americans believe in. This will better understand the American culture as well as the individuals who live in that particular country.

o Analyze and expound on your desired goals. When writing your essay on the American dream, it is important to emphasize and document your desired goals. Make sure you have documented the reason why you are becoming a better person, going to college, getting a better job, saving money, getting a better house, or whatever it is that you desire. Also, make sure you have your plan on how you are going to get there. A good way to do this is to use the power of ideas – identify what problem or issue you wish to address and write about it in your essay.

o Analyze and critique. Because of the diversity of the American culture, there are so many people who have come from other countries and are now trying to live and adapt in the United States. In your essay on the American dream, you have the opportunity to point out the many flaws that the immigrants have and show how those faults are what is making the American dream a flimsy reality for many people.

o Include the past. You can’t forget the past when writing about the American dream. You have to write about the good and bad about the country and what the country has overcome in the past. Just make sure that what you’re doing is still relevant and something that you believe in.

o Highlight the bright side. This part of the essay is not as important as the other three parts so don’t focus on this part too much. But if you feel like including it, include how the American dream is possible even with all the troubles in the world, how hard the immigrants have to work hard and how wonderful it is to live in the United States.

When you’re done with your essay on the American dream, make sure you have a review section where you could grade the different parts. Make sure to give high grades to those parts that you felt were best. Write about one person only at a time. And you need to keep writing as long as you are in school and as long as you want to.

Finally, you have to summarize everything you have learned from the essay. You can do this by listing the major points you wanted to get across and how you summarized them. This will also help you with your college application because you have to write a little curriculum vitae to accompany your essay on the American dream. You can always contact your high school counselor for further assistance and tips on how to write your portfolio. This is a very important part of the process and you need to work hard so you can show your potential schools that you deserve to get an acceptance to this wonderful country.

When you’ve finished the 3 pages of your curriculum vitae on the American dream, you need to send it back to the school you’re applying to. This is the last part but it’s also the most important. You need to let them know that you took all the time necessary to do this and that you believe in the American dream.

Hopefully, after you have sent in your application and your essay on the American dream, you’ll be one step closer to becoming a true citizen of this great country. It will be hard work and there are going to be some days when you won’t feel like writing, but remember that the time you put into this is something that will serve you forever. It’s better to work hard now and have those short years of wasted opportunities later, than it is to never try at all and never achieve anything meaningful in your life. Your future is yours to create and the sooner you start, the better off you’ll be.